How To Turn $10,000 Into $60,000 Trading Just 20 Stocks During The Upcoming “Super Crash”… | 20/30 Wealth Trader
How To Turn $10,000 Into $60,000 Trading Just
20 Stocks During The Upcoming "Super Crash"...

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250 Responses to How To Turn $10,000 Into $60,000 Trading Just 20 Stocks During The Upcoming “Super Crash”…

  1. adilson correa says:

    Hi, Bill.
       Good afternoon, I made a lot of investments but I still could not find an honest one to make money. Please help me, I live in São Paulo in Brazil.

  2. Charles Pongklub says:

    After 73-1/2 years of my life. I have been going through both good, and bad in trying to help out my poor family for all of my life. One day I will be gone and left everybody behind with debts, and will never return which is a bad kama. When I left my house at age of 15, my Dad handed me $0.57 back in 1960, and said good luck to you my son. I never see him again, and he pass away in 1966. But, before I can cleanup all of my obligations, I would like to pay off all my debts and leave everything behind with clean plate. Therefore, In order for me to clean up everything and left behind without problem.

    In order to do that, I saw your 20/30 wealth trader could help me to achieve my goal, and clear everything for me in the near future, and hope my wish is coming through.

    Thank you very much.

  3. video #1 has some very thought-provoking ideas in it. Good food for thought. From one Eagle Scout to another, I think you are on the right track regarding the looming crash.

  4. Roger Fogg says:

    Hi Bill, another excellent video from you, I try not to miss many or any of them as they are all so very informative and give me encouragement to continue in life. I am like one of your many friends, an OAP, retired and 73 years old, with little or not very much to show for it, I worked until I was 71 years old then I was replaced, not only for being ‘Old’ but a ‘White Male’, I live in South Africa and ‘Yes’ Believe Me THAT is happening here, they call it BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) I now have very little time to put my house in order before my name comes up in the big book up there. Your 20/30 formula with both your and your teams support, sounds like it could or would help both her and I to perhaps, be it gradually, not only help us both now but also to give her family some support and give me peace of mind, I would like to leave my wife something when I’m no longer around and not leave her on the door step of poverty and having to beg or ask her family for support when they are already not in any position to help us now.

  5. Don L. Jordan says:

    Confident the market will do great.

  6. Randy Sexton says:

    It sounds easy which is preferable for an older person like myself. My intention is to help my wife of 43 years and my 3 children. Gratefully Randy

  7. Frank says:

    Hi Bill, is it possible to have a lower about to trade?
    I have zero knowledge about trading and really interested in trade, please help

  8. Avinash Jadhav says:

    Hi sir

    please send me the ebook

  9. Dick Grau says:

    Isn’t it more profitable to sell options than to buy them?

    • Bill Poulos says:

      Most people, who do not have the proper education, lose trading options, doesn’t matter if it’s puts or calls. But, with the proper education, buying options can actually be less risky than buying stock for selling short stock.

  10. KARL WELTY says:

    ill look at what your sending for sure


    If you must grow you have to acquired the knowledge in any trade .

  12. Heath says:

    I’m interested in your 20/30. I have been trading options for a couple of years but would like some help in reducing research time. This system looks like it can help me.

  13. Linda says:

    Want to win!

  14. Henry Lee Graves says:

    Great video.

  15. Chris James Nugnes says:

    Send me info please.

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